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Partners in Missions, inc.



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Benton, AR   71209  

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Founded by

Karvin & Sandy Adams

First North American missionaries from their denomination to Ecuador

To be a partner with the Church in making disciples of the

Indigenous Peoples of the Americas


Our Purpose...

Help the Indigenous Peoples Become Spiritually Mature that Their Churches,

with the Help of the Holy Spirit,

 May Be Self-Governing, Self-Propagating and Self-Reliant


Partners in Missions Is...

~Governed by a Board of Directors

~Approved by IRS as a Nonprofit Religious Organization 501 (c) 3

All Donations are Fully Tax Deductible and Used 100% as Donor Designates 


Our Support Comes Entirely From...

 Individuals and Congregations

Who Share a Common Burden for Reaching the Indigenous Peoples.

We are Not Funded by Any Certain Denomination


Areas of Ministry Include...

~Faith Promise Mission Conventions

~Providing Short-term Mission Opportunities

~Planting and Constructing of Churches

~Working with Missionaries and Their Sending Agencies

~D.S. Warner Christian School in Chepen, Peru

~Leadership Development

~Working with the Mayan Indians of Guatemala



Dona Concepcion Ramirez


Her image has been on Guatemala's $.25 coin since 1959.

She and her family have been pioneer church workers for many years.


Her father and husband were both killed in Guatemala's civil war 

(1960 - 1996) even though they didn't take-up arms.  


We have had the honor of working with her and her son.  

Both were in our seminary in 2017.










Adams - Founder/Director

Missions Data


Panama: Kuna Indians


D. S. Warner School

Church Leadership Training


Church Leadership Training

Chance Project

Mayan & Mestizo