August 19 - 20, 2021 Convention for Central America 

Hosted by Church of God Guatemala, CRI and PiM 

From ten pastors in our first seminary September 2015, to 135 attended this event. Church leaders from US, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala  came to this time of training and encouragement. The event had six conferences taught by Andrew Gale Anderson, IN. (President of Church of God Globe Strategy) streamed from Anderson, Victor Quispe Bolivia (President CIID), Jorge Palacios, Gilberto Lozano, Marcos Garcia and Abby Torgeson (Costa Rica Church of God Director of Latin America, streamed live). All conferences could be watched on Facebook and by Zoom.

The officers of the Church of God in Latin America officially welcomed two new countries into the international organization, El Salvador and Guatemala. Welcomes were given from Abby (Latin America Director),  Andrew Gale (President of Church of God Globe Strategy) and Jim Lyon (Church of God Director Church of God in US and Canada) by streaming. After working towards this since 2012, we are officially accepted by the Church of God in the world.

Plaque given to Guatemala Church of God as an accepted organization in Latin America and the world

Gudiel Lemus (President Guatemala Church of God) and Karvin (President PiM)


PiM Able to Return to Guatemala to Train Church Leaders and Preach in Four Churches

May 24 - 31, 2021

Our largest seminary to date as 101 attended the six conferences, evening service and celebrated the Lord's Supper. Participates came from Honduras - 4, El Salvador - 2, Peru - 1, Belize - 1, U.S. - 2, and Guatemala - 91 to learn and be encouraged as leaders in their congregations. Special thanks to the Church of God in Guatemala and CRI for planning and hosting the event. Below are a few pictures, more can be seen on







PiM Trains More Church Leaders in Guatemala February 12 - 14, 2020

Sixty-seven church leaders from three Central American countries gathered in Guatemala City for two days of conferences. Focus was 2-fold: equipping and edifying of church leaders. Teachers were Victor Quispe of Bolivia, Donny Allen and Esteban Zapata of Honduras.  Special thanks to our missionary team in Guatemala that hosted the seminary (CRI) and PiM donors in the U.S. who made our conferences a success. Over 170 Guatemalan leaders have attended our training since September 2015.




Training Church Leaders in Guatemala & Beyond

Fifty-four church leaders came together for two days of intensive training in Guatemala City February 21 - 22, 2019. All were from Guatemala except two who traveled from Honduras. PiM in partnership with CRI, has trained over 110 church leaders from Guatemala in the last six years. This seminary was the first in which all teachers and preachers were nationals. The pictures below will help tell the story of a growing church that in Guatemala is now 45-50% Protestant.






Pastor Gudiel, President of the Assembly, asking Karvin to address the Seminary


September 6-7, 2018 PiM in partnership with CRI in Guatemala City had its 5th seminary for church leaders in  Guatemala since 2015. Forty-three leaders (3 from Honduras, 1 from El Salvador, 39 from Guatemala) attended the 7 conferences and two evening services.  Conferences leaders included Dr. Nehiel Rojas from Houston, TX and Pastor Gudiel Lemus, President of the Guatemala Church of God Ministries. Pastor Esteban Zapata from Honduras and Pastor Julio Nolasco of Guatemala preached the evening services.  Below are a few pictures of the 2-day event...


Pastor Gudiel                                                                    Leaders in Worship


Michael who led in worship each day                                                             Mayan girl who came with her parents

Dr Nehiel speaking to church leaders


March 8 - 9, 2018 we were back in Guatemala for another mission for training church leaders with Nicolas Perez from Peru and Leo Chavarria from AR. as teachers.  Thirty-two leaders attended the 2-days of conferences and evening services, then the two teachers each preached the following Sunday in local churches.  While in the country Karvin scheduled dates for then next seminary which will be held in September 2018.




September 7 - 10, 2017 PiM conducted another seminary and preaching mission to Guatemala with former missionaries to Costa Rica Wayne and Kathi Sellers and Karvin Adams of PiM.  Topics for the church leaders included "Skills for Child Development", "Hell", "Heaven" and "Preaching with Freshness".  Approximately 52 leaders attended the conferences and evening services with the three leaders speaking in three different churches while in the country.


Kathi & Wayne Sellers


Church Leaders in Conferences


PiM returned to Guatemala for its 4th seminary September 8 - 9, 2016 held at the Church of God in Villa Nueva, Guatemala City.  Eighty-four church leaders from four Central America countries attended the six conferences and two evening services.  The leaders were Pastor Gilbert Davila from San Antonio, TX., speaker of the Spanish Radio Program "Christians Broadcasting Hope" and Nicolas Perez from Chepen, Peru, Pastor and Educator. Topics for the conferences were "Called to be Leaders", "Pastor's Counseling Ministry", "Last Things", "Making Disciples Who Make Disciples", "Growing Healthy Churches" and "The Work of the Holy Spirit". 


Teachers:  Gilbert Davila (L), Nicolas Perez (R)

Church Leaders in Conference

Baby slept while mom was studying


March 2016

We held our second seminary for church leaders March 10 - 12, 2016 in Tecpan.  Teachers were Kathi Sellers (former missionary to Costa Rica, former Member Care & Recruitment Specialist for Global Missions), Dr. Greg Robertson (Professor SOT, Anderson and former missionary to Ecuador) and Karvin Adams.  The following topics were taught: "Pastoral Family", "How to Manage Personal Relationships", "Steps to Forgiveness", several conferences on the "Church" and "Why the Early Church Grew".  Sixty-eight (68) church leaders from six (6) different countries, not counting the teachers and missionary staff, participated in the eight conferences three general services.  Dates were set for the next seminary: September 8 - 10, 2016.

In June 2012, Karvin made his first contact with a pastor in Guatemala and expressed his desire to work with the churches in his country.   Before he'd only had the opportunity to minister to the abandoned/abused girls of that country.  In September's seminary 2015, that one church had increased to ten.  By the March seminary, 2016 we were up to 29 churches, with a combined membership of 4,570.  The fields are ripe for harvest.  These churches in December 2015 had formed an organization so they could better reach their people for the Lord and connect other congregations who are isolated, having no one for fellowship.  This organization is called, "Ministerios Iglesia de Dios Guatemala" meaning Church of God Ministries Guatemala.  It was formed by the national pastors and will be directed by them.  PiM will only assist in encouraging, training and advising if asked.  The following pictures are of the seminary and four churches Karvin visited, two that just affiliated with the Church of God last month.  Karvin was asked to explain the key doctrines in the morning service when he visited one of them following the seminary.


Sign welcoming participants to the seminary                                                              General evening seminary service


Teachers: Kathi Sellers & Greg Robertson


Pastors' Conference    Young People leading worship in Mayan Church where Karvin visited (ages 12-14 except for sax player) doing an excellent job


Mayan Women, one in conference, other in worship service


Two Mayan Pastors with their families.  Julio (R) was present when Karvin preached at the General Assembly in Guatemala in 1986.

A Mayan Church that just affiliated with us


September 2015

September 18 - 20, 2015 Gilbert & Melba Davila, Dr. Gary Agee and Karvin Adams held a seminary for pastors and spouses at CRI's campus in Guatemala City.  Sixty-five attended the 3-day training conferences and services. Topic were "Call to Ministry", Christian Education in the Church", "Vision for the Lost", "Pastor's Wife", "Gifts of the Spirit", "History of the Church of God" and "Doctrines of the Church of God".  The event was so well received that plans were made to have training sessions every six months for church leaders.  The pictures below may help tell the story.


Teachers: Gilbert & Melba Davila




Pastors & Spouses


March 2015

March 5 - 8, 2015 we held a convention and seminary for the Church of God in Guatemala.  Thirty to 70 were in attendance for each of the seven conferences and 150 - 500 attended the 4 evening services.  Approximately 25 different churches were represented.  The pictures below are of the conferences and services. 




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