Karvin & Sandy Adams

Karvin, son of a pastor in Louisiana, was converted at the age of 8. His interest in Native Americans began shortly after.  The banner above is the Flags of the Metis Nation of Canada of which Karvin is a proud descendant. His grandmother Jeanne Ounaut, an Algonquin or Huron woman married his French-Canadian grandfather Pierre Lefebvre dit Descoteaux. The figure "8" shows the two nations (French & Indian) united into one. Karvin received a call to ministry while in his teens.  He is a graduate of Gulf-Coast Bible College (now Mid-America Christian University).  Sandy, who was raised by a Christian mother in northeast Louisiana, was converted at the age of ten.

Since 1981, they have served as pastors in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma and as missionaries to Ecuador.  In January 1997, they founded Partners in Missions a 501 c 3 nonprofit, that works with the Indigenous Peoples and Mestizo of the Americas.  Karvin & Sandy were the first Church of God missionaries from North America to Ecuador from June 1992 - November 1996. They are the proud parents of two children; Marc, who is a pastor; Karla and seven grandchildren.

Partners in Missions helped build the D.S. Warner School in Peru that started in 2000 with only five kindergarten children.  It now has an enrollment of 180 children in   K - 6th Grade.  Our computer lab has 3 times the number of computers per student as the public schools.  Several new families have started attending the church as a result of the school's ministry to the students and city. All classrooms are equipped with big screen TV’s with DVD Players, security cameras and interactive smart boards.

We have held Church Leadership conferences in four Latin America countries with leaders from ten different countries attending. To date 1,150 church leaders have been trained in one of our seminaries.

PiM works with two different orphanages in Guatemala, builds houses for widows and their children, and also church buildings. We partner with a Guatemalan woman whose ministry empowers women who have been abandoned by their husbands, by providing Vo-Tech training that they may be self-sufficient, “Chance Project”. We have also worked with a local Mayan Christian radio station that broadcast in the rural western mountains of Guatemala. In 1959, Dona Concepcion Ramirez was chosen by the government as the woman who most typified the Mayan women; therefore, her image was engraved on Guatemala’s 25 centavos (.25). It was Karvin’s privilege to work with her and her son in 2017 when he helped paint her house. She was also a speaker in our seminary in Guatemala that year.

Our ministry includes taking people on trips to the mission field for hands-on experience of cross-cultural ministry. Over 500 have gone on these 76 trips to date, doing manual work as well as preaching, teaching; being the hands and hearts of Christ.

Sandy and Karvin serve on the Board of Directors of the Chance Project in Guatemala. Karvin also served on the Board of Directors of the Prince of Peace Home for Girls in Guatemala.


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