PiM's Ministry to the Mestizo (Indian/Spanish)

Karvin was first called to missions in 1982 to the Mayan Indians of Guatemala, but had few chances to pursue that calling, rather the Lord led him to Ecuador.  In the early 2000's he was able to pursue that calling to Guatemala.


February 27 - March 6, 2018 Guatemala Trip

A 7-member team returned to Guatemala to build a 3-room house for a widow with six children.  After 3 1/2 days the house was completed with a dedication on Sunday afternoon by Pastor Lopez of the Peniel Church in La Boca Del Monte. The women of the team also held a VBS for the 27 kids and 9 mothers who attended.  The following pictures are of the local church getting the site ready and helping us with the construction.


Widow's Family old house


Local church preparing site for new house

The following are pictures of construction of new house




Beds in place                                                                   Sandy with widow and youngest child


Dedication of House                                                     Work Team (PiM, church, carpenter & family)


September 2016 Boca Del Monte Church, Guatemala City

We worked 4 days laying blocks on the bathrooms and sound room, pouring concrete for the ramp going down into the sanctuary.  A member of the church installed 6 ceiling fans that PiM bought, which were running for the afternoon service on Sunday when Karvin preached.  The women of our mission team had VBS for the 25-30 children each afternoon and crafts for the women in the mornings.  With the money from PiM the church building should be completed soon.


Pastor Lopez & his wife (L)                        Kids in VBS (R)


Mother & Daughter doing crafts





Partners in Missions' Ministry to the Mayan Indians 

A 9-member team was in Guatemala, August 29 - September 5, 2017 to build a 20' x 20' house for an abandoned Mayan mother with two small children and paint the living room/bedroom of Concepcion Ramirez, the Mayan woman whose image has been on the Guatemalan quarter since 1959.  She and her family were early Church of God pioneers in Guatemala.


Concepcion Ramirez & Karvin                                   Mayan Girl in Swing




House going Up



House Completed                                                                        New Wood Cook Stove

Dedication of House by Pastor


March 1 - 8, 2016 we returned to the Mayan village of La Cumbre, this time to remodel the radio station that broadcasts our Spanish program CBH. We hope the following pictures will give you a vision of our work among the Mayan Indians.


This is how the radio station looked when we arrived.  The nationals had already removed roof so we could raise walls, put on new roof and remodel inside.

Not exactly how we cut blocks in the States, but it got the job done


Roof on we could then start framing inside and put up sheetrock

Radio manager, Pastor and his wife


September 22 - 29, 2015 a team of 14 were in Guatemala to work in the highland Mayan village of La Cumbre.  Our mission was to build a kitchen at the church and hold a VBS for the children in the community.  Wednesday - Saturday we assisted the nationals in the construction of the kitchen with a wood-burning stove, laying of concrete sidewalks and building of tin roofs.  One hundred children attended the activities along with ten or so mothers.  The following pictures will help you understand what we experienced.  Karvin met with the local Christian radio station and made arrangements for the Spanish Church of God message to be aired twice/day for 6 months.  This will be the first time the Mayans will have the opportunity to hear CBH by radio.


         Karvin with radio station owner to his right                 Edger showing radio personnel how to use laptop 


Radio antenna on mountain at 8,150'



Children who attended the VBS


Mothers who attended VBS and also brought flowers from their yards



Construction of kitchen, roofs, sidewalks and mixing concrete by hand


Pots, pans and cooking items needed for kitchen and large double wood-burning stove 


Pictures are from the highlands near Tecpan where our team built a house for a widow with children in March 2015 



Cooking our lunch: Homemade corn tortillas and sausage


Widow with family and our group (L)                                               Widow and family (R)


Mayan Sweat Lodge made of adobe

Gave New Testaments to children at Church after short VBS

Tecpan Church where Karvin preached

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